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Recent reviews about us

★★★★☆ “ Good  ”

Written on 9th July 2016

Deed Poll is a very good service. Always emailing you letting you if there is anything you need to know. I would definitely recommend it to any member of family or friends. I would describe Deed Poll as a good service.

★★★★★ “ Prompt & professional ”

Written on 7th July 2016

Whilst all of what the Deed Poll Office can be done yourself, a guiding hand through the various processes was reassuring and the certificates look very professional as opposed to printing your own out. The only caution I would advise upon is that the Notify Service does require some documents to be printed out (the website does inform you as you use that function), so if you have no printer then you cannot do a new passport application or change of name with the Land Registry (not sure if there are any more, but these were the two that I discovered). Overall though, a quick 5 star service.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service ”

Written on 6th July 2016

I recently changed my name through Deed Poll and it was so easy, simple and reasonable that I wish I'd done it ages ago! Thank you so much. I would definitely recommend this service to any one wishing to change their name

★★★★★ “ Quality ”

Written on 5th July 2016

Great service, fast, reliable and cheap. The website wasn't up to dated and information and prices misleaded me but their good customer service cleared everything up and I continued with my order. Generally a thumps up for the service,

★★★★★ “ Excellent service. ”

Written on 3rd July 2016

Decided to revert to my maiden name after splitting from my husband, some years ago, but not having divorced. The reason I chose The Deed Poll was, initially, the cost - always important when you're on a budget!
I found the website easy to navigate & the forms easy to fill. The service was very quick & the extra deeds were at little cost & very handy when there are so many people to notify. The 'Deeds' themselves are very professional looking & I am probably going to frame one of them to hang in my new home.
The company also emails a covering letter to print off, to forward to the people you need to advise of a name change - banks, etc, - which helps to save time, plus give the appropriate wording if, like me, you struggle.
The only thing I would possibly have done differently is choose the option to have the company advise all 'those who need to know', instead of doing this myself, as this has become quite a chore because I opted not to. I never realised how many companies I'd need to contact - either by email, letter or phone - & it has taken me a good week just to get through a few of them! :( So, if you decide to use this company & have lots of Direct Debits, Insurances, DVLA & Passport to change, then go for it! It will save you going crazy keeping up with it all.
I would definitely recommend this company to anyone thinking of a name change.

★★★★☆ “ Thumbs up ”

Written on 20th June 2016

Quick, easy and Reliable. It was not complicated. Did the application at work with no stress. Very fast service.

★★★★★ “ Trustworthy body with real responsibilities ”

Written on 20th June 2016

A well organised body with a responsibility which is quick and effective to all in need. I would recommend your perfection to friends and family

★★★★★ “ Deedpoll ”

Written on 19th June 2016

Exceptionally quick and efficient service,got my Deedpoll the very next day.

★★★★★ “ Great service. very professional. reasonable price … ”

Written on 19th June 2016

Great service. Very professional. Reasonable price. I will definitely recommend .Is the second time I have used it. I am extremely happy with the service. I could not belive how fast I have received my deed .thank you so much.

★★★★★ “ I am very pleased with the service that deed poll … ”

Written on 17th June 2016

I am very pleased with the service that deed poll office provides as the papers they provide are authentic and the postage is very quick and for them to supply a template As well is a bonus

★★★★★ “ Efficient and professional service ”

Written on 16th June 2016

I was very pleased with the Deed Poll Office. I was informed immediately once my deed poll was going to be dispatched. It arrived the next day and I immediately sent off for my new passport. I wouldn't hesitate to use the Deed Poll Office again in the near future especially when compared to other sites the price is extremely competitive.

★★★★★ “ Excellent ”

Written on 11th June 2016

Service was excellent. Really quick and easy to do and deedpoll was received very quickly. Everything was easy and straight forward. Couldn't ask for anything better. Asked for a few extra copies which i recommend doing as some people require copies ie council, driving license etc. You can send these off and keeping a copy for yourself change GP, bank and dentist as they will photo copy your deedpoll for their own records. Makes it quicker to get everything changed then.

★★★★★ “ Fabulous  ”

Written on 10th June 2016

The service that I recieved in order to gain my name change from the deed poll office was brilliant!
I applied online for my certificate which was extremely easy to do.
I applied for my deed poll and within 3 days I had received my certification of name change! In the mean time communication from the deed poll office was brilliant, they let me know that my order was being processed, that it had been accepted and that my certification had been shipped
I have already recommended the service to my friend!

★★★★★ “ Number 1 for results ”

Written on 8th June 2016

I went on line to change surname found this site it was easy to under stand and filling the forms in was simple , fast payment system and conformation came in the hour , had the option for next day delivery and it came in that time. Brilliant service would recommend this site .

★★★★★ “ Excellent service ”

Written on 8th June 2016

Straight forward and excellent service , promptly following up my query afterwards ... I was aware that this can be done independently , but to receive documents on a quality paper, well presented, makes all the difference. imho.

★★★★★ “ Effecient, professional service! ”

Written on 3rd June 2016

The Deed Poll process was easy to follow online with step by step instructions. The service provided was professional and effecient. Highly recommend The Deed Poll Office' to anyone needing such services.

★★★★★ “ Fantastic service, quick easy to use and very … ”

Written on 27th May 2016

Fantastic service, quick easy to use and very professional. I would definitely recommend this service to others

★★★★★ “ Change of name  ”

Written on 26th May 2016

I apply to deed poll office to change the order of my child's name and the service was quick and easy to use,at affordable cost. I will recommend to anyone to do it online as I did. Everything was good and prompt. There is nothing I did not like about it.

★★★★★ “ Surprisingly easy. ”

Written on 26th May 2016

Changing your name seems like it'd be a really difficult thing to do, but it's really not. It took all of ten minutes. The postage was pretty fast, too.

I really liked being able to receive multiple copies of the original document, as I have been able to send it out to multiple places at once, without having to wait for it to be posted back.

I was also able to change my title, which I didn't know before.

I decided not to take up the offer of making the change to documents easier. I thought I might regret it, as it meant I had to contact everywhere myself, however the process hasn't been that difficult.

The hardest thing has been trying to remember everywhere you've put your old name down, and discovering later you've missed a place. Some of the ones I originally forgot about were my opticians, magazine subscription, student finance, and online account such as ebay and amazon. However, it's a pretty easy switch once you've figured out where you need to change.

Service overall was good, and I received email updates when I paid and when my deed poll was posted.

★★★★★ “ Excellent ”

Written on 26th May 2016

Absolutely hassle free process. Prompt delivery and clear guidance on everything one needs to know how to change name. I have used for me & daughter. They are cheaper than many of them in the market.

★★★★★ “ Fast, simple and great communication ”

Written on 25th May 2016

Super fast service, quality product and fantastic communication

★★★★☆ “ Trustworthy  ”

Written on 24th May 2016

Was sceptical because cheaper than other websites but successfully changed name and no problem with passport office dvla and local institutions. Great value. Communication is OK.

★★★★★ “ Prompt and proficient ”

Written on 23rd May 2016

★★★★★ “ Fantastic service  ”

Written on 20th May 2016

After some thought I decided to change my name didn't know where to start so went online and got into the deed poll service. Had no problems at all the forms was straight forward and the payment area was straight forward as well. No complaints easy to use and kept up to date throughout the process in emails. Received the deed polls the following week in the post fantastic service quick and easy to do. I had ordered 7 copies just to be save that I had enough but most places didn't need a copy so for any future customers would advise not to order to many as most places like the banks you take one copy in and they photocopy it there and then and you get the original straight back. They member of staff just stamp to say original been seen so maybe would only order 2 or 3 if I ever use this service again. Thanks for making my name change so easy and straight forward if I was stuck at anything there was phone number to phone for help but never needed as it was easy.

★★★★★ “ Love it  ”

Written on 20th May 2016

Great service fast reliable and cheap love it would highly recommend it

★★★★★ “ Really easy to use and fast .  ”

Written on 20th May 2016

Found the site on Google, it was simple and easy to understand, the price was great and got the documents n 2 days

★★★★★ “ Very professional service ”

Written on 15th May 2016

Very fast and efficeint service. Extremely impressed. 5 stars

★★★★★ “ Very good service, excellent  ”

Written on 13th May 2016

fast service, no fuss and easy. would recommend to anyone

★★★★★ “ Excellent service ”

Written on 13th May 2016

They were professional, prompt and easy. As it was done online there were economical compared to others.
I received my Deed Poll in two days.
I am very happy with their service, will recommend.

★★★★★ “ Effortless and quick service ”

Written on 12th May 2016

I didn't realise it was such an effortless procedure. Documents arrived within a couple of days and everything was explained in great detail. Thank you.

★★★★★ “ Made it easy ”

Written on 9th May 2016

It was an easy process thanks to your help

★★★★★ “ Fast, efficient and reliable  ”

Written on 8th May 2016

Very quick and good service professional and good communication with your team. I like the deed papers when they arrived nice quality. Thank you

★★★★★ “ Good service orveall ”

Written on 6th May 2016

I was so pleased with the quick service and price thankyou very much

★★★★★ “ Fast and accurate ”

Written on 4th May 2016

Title says it all really, the documents were received very quickly, they look professional and are as far as I can tell, fit for purpose. (Currently waiting for HMRC to deal with my passport request).
The process for signing up was easy, the advice they give on who/how to inform of name changes is also very useful.
Would definitely recommend to a friend - 5 stars.

★★★★★ “ Easy, friendly, speedy! ”

Written on 2nd May 2016

★★★★★ “ Fab service ”

Written on 1st May 2016

My experience was very positive, the whole process was easy and straight forward. Would definately recommend.

★★★★☆ “ I felt supported by well researched facts ”

Written on 1st May 2016

I spoke to the representative who explained areas I had not thought about leading me to make a well informed decision. Thanks

★★★★★ “ Fast service  ”

Written on 30th April 2016

Was happy how fast my new documents came through. Will recommend to anyone who's wanting to change there name.

★★★★★ “ Efficent service easy to understand … ”

Written on 28th April 2016

Efficent service easy to understand
Good value for money
Super quick delivery
Would recommend the service to all wanting a fast and efficent way to change you name

★★★★★ “ Excellent  ”

Written on 27th April 2016

Very quick response and received the documents I needed on time.

★★★★★ “ Excellent ”

Written on 19th April 2016

I would definitely recommend deed poll office. Excellent service & very understanding.

★★★★★ “ Excellent & fast fuss free service ”

Written on 18th April 2016

Recently my finance passed away suddenly 4 months prior to our wedding date. I still loved him dearly & wanted to carry his name.
With the cruel twist of fate my only option for a legal name change was by deed poll.
Absolutely amazed jusy hoe easy, hassle free & straightforward it was.

★★★★★ “ Deed poll name change with ease ”

Written on 16th April 2016

This is an excellent site if you want to change your name without any hassle.Quality document in a very speedy manner.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service ”

Written on 14th April 2016

I was amazed by the service I received. It was easy, very straight forward and hassle free. Thank you very much :-)

★★★★★ “ Change of name ”

Written on 12th April 2016

I have been called by a name for all of my life and have never liked my birth name
After 62 years I decided it was about time I made it legal.
Within 48 hours of filling out the relevant form I am legally the name which I have been called all of my life.
I wish that I had paid the extra money for my passport,driving licence etc to be done by this company. As it is a bit of a pain to do it myself.
I can't think of one thing to dislike about the process.
Anyone thinking of using this service I would say just go for it,you will not regret it.

★★★★☆ “ very good service. ”

Written on 9th April 2016

Simple and effective.

Very good quality documents and good value for money.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service ”

Written on 8th April 2016

The deed poll forms were very quick and easy to fill online, the customer service was fantastic. As I'd never changed a name before, I had questions to ask and had very fast responses, even after I received my deed poll I was able to contact someone to order more! 5 * rating!

★★★★★ “ Fantastic ”

Written on 2nd April 2016

This Service
is fantastic
and I well recommend it
we did this cos we are expecting a baby and wanted to update our surname before marriage
also ideal if you dont want to get married
we do but good idea

★★★★★ “ Fab and quick service, would definatley recommend … ”

Written on 29th March 2016

Fab and quick service, would definatley recommend to friends and family.
Thank you for your prompt service.

★★★★★ “ Great service! ”

Written on 27th March 2016

Somehow two sets of my son's name change were ordered instead of one, but when I emailed the office, everything was sorted out quickly. A good surprise!


★★★★★ “ A bright service ”

Written on 24th March 2016

A Bright Service that we should all explore as Conscious and Conscientious Adults and Sovereigns unto ourselves...

As Masters unto ourselves, why should we continue to bare the arbitrary legal fiction titles imposed on us?

Brilliant service, however we galantly urge for the option for one to state their own title to be made easier and clearer as one has to make a specific request via the notes section.

There must be an 'Other' option under title for the client to then insert their own preferred title.

However did like the speed of service and the telephone response and directness in communication.

I would expect the suggested improvements for the title change to be made as soon as possible.

Also like the fact that one gets more value for money with the more certificate one purchases up to ten (10).

A service that we will recommend to all...

★★★★★ “ Fast, reliable and legit! ”

Written on 23rd March 2016

★★★★★ “ Great, fast, good price  ”

Written on 23rd March 2016

Came fast in delivery was good price Deffo recommend people

★★★★★ “ Deed poll application ”

Written on 19th March 2016

I found the website easy to use especially as I am not particularly good with computers. The site was clear unfussy and I got my deed poll application sorted nice and quickly .Would definitely recommend this site .

★★★★★ “ Amazing service ”

Written on 18th March 2016

I was a bit nervous about ordering a deed poll online, as I had believed you needed a solicitor or something. However It was well explained on their website and so I took a gamble!
The first time I ordered Royal Mail lost my order - after about a week an a half I emailed both Royal Mail and DeedPollOffice explaining the situation and DeedPollOffice responded quickly and sent the documents again, free of charge - even though they didn't have to.
FInally got my documents today, and they are brilliant. Very nice.

Royal Mail hasn't responded yet.

★★★★★ “ Fast and efficient ”

Written on 18th March 2016

Very quick turnaround and completed exactly as described on the web site.

Haven't had chance to use any of the copies to change anything formally but I see no reason why it should be a problem.

List of information provided with Deed Poll very useful.

No complaints, no problems. Would definitely recommend.

★★★★★ “ Very good service ”

Written on 18th March 2016

I was very pleased that the deed poll arrived so quickly. I used the notification service and it made informing organisations much easier. I would recommend this service to anyone wanting to change their name. I liked the clarity of the information and the easiness of ordering the deed poll. The whole process was much simpler than I had expected. I felt very supported.

★★★★★ “ Name change ”

Written on 18th March 2016

Great secure speedy service ,easy to use ,highly recommend

★★★★★ “ I found the service to be excellent. ”

Written on 17th March 2016

I found the whole thing easy to do and was very pleased with the end result.

★★★★★ “ Couldn't ask for better sevixe ”

Written on 16th March 2016

Very very helpful and very quick and polite service. . Highly recommended communication and all round service was fantastic....quick responses and fast service.. plan brilliant.. thank you for all you help in the process

★★★★☆ “ Great customer service  ”

Written on 16th March 2016

Was very quick easy to use and any questions I needed answered were answered clearly and quickly. I am now so happy with my new name and glad I did it with Deed Poll Office!

★★★★★ “ Quick ”

Written on 14th March 2016

Very quick service, not too expensive, good quality paper used. I would highly recommend.

★★★★★ “ Deed poll review ”

Written on 13th March 2016

Very easy to use, site user friendly & a lot cheaper than I expected.

★★★★★ “ Easy ”

Written on 13th March 2016

Wonderful people everything made easy and simple. Thank uoi

★★★★★ “ Excellent  ”

Written on 12th March 2016

Hi, I just wanted to say how impressed I was at the service I received. I applied for a deed poll online on the 18th February and I immediately got an email to confirm my order. The email stated that I was going to receive my deed poll on the 22nd February, when in fact I got it on the next day. I was very impressed and pleased at the fast service. I would highly recommend it. Plus they are very cheap compared to other sites. Thank you to all the team!

★★★★★ “ The complicated made simple ”

Written on 10th March 2016

I was VERY impressed with this business, which not only explained the laws of the land, the different procedures and how they applied, but made it absolutely clear how they would fulfill the requirements, what I needed to do to make things work at my end, and offered help and hints for managing the entire thing.

A quick, straightforward service which made the complicated VERY simple and manageable, as well as enjoyable. The documents arrived promptly after payment and were precisely as the site suggested they would be. They offered frequent notifications of each stage of the process as it was achieved, and I felt confident and happy throughout my name change.

A brilliant service, a great process, and an organisation I would recommend HIGHLY.

★★★★★ “ Great service ”

Written on 10th March 2016

Website easy to use and understand, prompt service, lovely certificates, useful information sent in addition, inexpensive = the result I wanted!

★★★★★ “ Online deed poll review ”

Written on 9th March 2016

Couldn't of wished for a quicker helpful site than this one. From doing application online on the Saturday all certificates were with us by the following Tuesday. Excellent service will recommend to others without a doubt. Their was nothing negative about this site one of the easiest to follow after checking out other deed poll sites.Thanks again.

★★★★★ “ So quick and easy!!  ”

Written on 8th March 2016

The full process was so quick and easy, I was a bit worried as it was cheap to do and thought it was a scheme. I was so wrong!! I had email updates throughout the full process and had my deedpole in 2 days. I can't thank you enough, best decision I have made!!

★★★★★ “ Easy to use  ”

Written on 5th March 2016

★★★★★ “ Great service by deed poll office ”

Written on 3rd March 2016

Very good service was given by the Deed poll office. Very easy to use and create a Deed Poll online, with no hassle required.
Very formal and the Deed Polls were fantastically produced. Very great service in general and highly recommend.

★★★★★ “ Website you can trust ”

Written on 2nd March 2016

Very fast and helpful website you can understand, My documents came within a few days.
It's nice to know you can trust this website and I would recommend to anyone.

★★★★★ “ Quick and simple process  ”

Written on 1st March 2016

My partner and I separated and my son had his last name only, for safety reasons with me being primary carer and wanting to go abroad I wanted to double barrel my sons name.
The process was easy, answer a few questions and it's complete. I paid online and email confirmation was sent straight away. A PDF cover letter and statement letter was sent for me to print and get my ex to sign, this is so we can prove we both agreed and to send with deeds to the bank,Dr,dentist etc once legal documents arrive. I filled in forms on 14th Feb the final documents arrived three days later. Fast simple and very easy.

★★★★★ “ Deed poll name change ”

Written on 28th February 2016

Quick easy and efficient service received.

★★★★★ “ Very useful service ”

Written on 28th February 2016

Documents received on time and responded promptly my queries by email and phone.

★★★★★ “ Fabulous affordable quick service ”

Written on 26th February 2016

I applied for a deed poll and duplicates and it was a very easy system.
It was an online application.
I received the deed polls within a week, and was kept informed about the progress.
All in a fantastic service and very affordable.
Would highly recommend.

★★★★★ “ Fast and efficient ”

Written on 26th February 2016

I was really please with service I got. The application form was simple and it was reassuring that the payment was secure. I got an email almost straight away confirming my date and regular updates to tell me about the progress. The quality of the deed poll was way and above what I expected. I would definitely recommend this service.

★★★★★ “ Changing my name made so easily ”

Written on 26th February 2016

When i set out to change my name i firstly thought about the expense..i didnt want to pay the fees set out by some i found the deed poll office which made it so easy and affordable..i would reccommend everyone to go there.

★★★★★ “ Super quick and easy  ”

Written on 24th February 2016

Over the moon with how quickly and easily it was to change my name via deed poll. I was updated throughout the process and I was surprised how cheap it actually was. Stress free and very easy. I highly reccomend

★★★★★ “ Deed poll service ”

Written on 24th February 2016

Excellent service and kept fully informed by text at each stage of the process

★★★★☆ “ Very reliable service ”

Written on 24th February 2016

Good service and everything was explained well well. Highly recommended

★★★★★ “ Deed poll and official declaration of name change document ”

Written on 22nd February 2016

I found this site in an online search . I was sceptical about whether the company would provide the proper legal documentation I needed .
I changed my surname by deed poll quite a few years ago and had that name at the time of my daughters birth ( a year before marrying her dad ) I lost proof of that name change during a house move and needed it recently when applying for my daughters passport . The solicitor who originally did the change of name had no record of it ,I am now aware that they only hold them on file for 5 years.
I applied to the deed poll office and had a personal email shortly after from a gentleman making sure all my details were correct and querieing the purpose of the document . I was then supplied with extra documentation free of charge to back up my deed poll copies that I had purchased . The gentleman was very helpful , the documents arrived within a few days and were accepted by the passport office with no problem at all .

★★★★★ “ I would recommend this deed poll to everyone ,  ”

Written on 19th February 2016

This particular deed poll site is so very very helpful , so fast at the service , any questions are quick to be responded to, i forgot to denounce my middle name as i never used it , a big thanks to this deed poll site they redone the whole thing without charging me a penny again , as we all know no one wants to let fees go without any reason and has to be a very good reason . This deed poll is very understanding and not money grabbing at all .

★★★★★ “ Helpful, fast, fantastic!  ”

Written on 18th February 2016

After a misunderstanding about how I was to fill out the forms, the company kindly sent me two lots at no extra cost because of a mistake I had made. They replied to emails even regarding things that didn't concern them. I would recommend them to anybody wishing to create a deed poll. I couldn't be more happy with the service they have provided.

★★★★★ “ I am amazed at the way everything was handled. it … ”

Written on 16th February 2016

I am amazed at the way everything was handled. It was so quick and easy anyone can do it. If I needed help just a short email later I had a reply from a real person and not a machine.

★★★★★ “ Deed poll  ”

Written on 12th February 2016

I recently used this service. It was extremely quick and efficient. I have successfully used the certificate with my bank and DVLA. I would definitely recommend. Good company

★★★★★ “ Brill ”

Written on 11th February 2016

Very quick service so pleased ive changed my married name now can change everything else and get my passport done so happy times ahead so pleased so thank you.!!!
And would recomend to family and friends what a good quick service.

★★★★★ “ Deed poll ”

Written on 10th February 2016

Fantastic fast reliable service .great because it's hard who too trust when going through services on the Web. Would definitely recommend too family and friends .

★★★★★ “ My name change ”

Written on 9th February 2016

Excellent quick service. 3 days from start to finish even started the process on a sunday evening. Person on the phone very polite and couldnt help me more when I wanted to change an item on my invoice

★★★★★ “ Excellent service ”

Written on 5th February 2016

I can't fault my experience using Deed Poll Office. I decided to change back to my maiden name following a separation and applied for the change of name online on a Thursday, I paid for first class post and 4 copies of my deed poll and they all arrived in the post on the Monday morning - absolutely cracking service and a great price. I have already recommended Deed Poll Office to friends and family.

★★★★★ “ The service was well explained step by step … ”

Written on 3rd February 2016

The service was well explained step by step through the process of the application. The documents all cam on time with plenty of additional information enclosed. I would certainly recommend this service and would reuse myself if needed again.

★★★★★ “ Quick and easy  ”

Written on 2nd February 2016

Quick and easy service, extremely good value for money.

★★★★★ “ Best deed poll service ”

Written on 18th June 2015

★★★★★ “ Helpful ”

Written on 22nd May 2015

★★★★★ “ Changed my surname  ”

Written on 9th March 2015

Deed poll office gave me all the help I needed to change my surname, really pleased with everything from start to finish, the Deed Poll was excepted by all the Government offices,I would recommend DPo to anyone thinking of a
name change.

★★★★★ “ Excellent speedy service ”

Written on 5th March 2015

Deed Poll Office made changing my legal name extremely easy online. I am more than capable of preparing the documents myself but as they were so inexpensive, I opted to use their service. Glad I did as their finished document looks extremely official and professional complete with raised stamp and original document number. I am also impressed with the speed of service as I received the documents within three days, along with helpful information including a list of suggested authorities to notify of my change of name.

I have absolutely nothing negative to report on my service with Deed Poll Office, they have been a pleasure from start to finish.

★★★★★ “ Thank you ”

Written on 5th February 2015

i want to thank you about the great sevice i recieved my deed poll in view days and every think were very clear thank you again

★★★★☆ “ Excellent service even email you to make sure … ”

Written on 31st January 2015

Excellent service even email you to make sure details you sent are correct. Would recommend to friends and family

★★★★★ “ Incredible service ”

Written on 15th January 2015

I expected the process of changing my name to be a very complicated and tedious task, but it could not have been made more simple by Deed Poll Office, I recommend them to anyone that wants to change their name.

★★★★★ “ Need a deed poll trust these people ”

Written on 14th January 2015

contacted these people over the Christmas holiday period so was expecting a long wait due to the bank holidays but no paperwork was with me within a few days, was completely hassel free
application on web site is simple and clearly displays any fee's involved in the options you select, couldn't recommend these enough

★★★★★ “ Deed poll ”

Written on 8th January 2015

My husband needed a new Change of Name Deed Poll quickly so that he could apply for a passport. This service was incredibly fast and efficient. It took less than 24 hours from application to home delivery, everything done was exactly what was asked for. I cannot recommend this firm highly enough, thank you

★★★★★ “ Deed poll office, i owe you one. ”

Written on 7th January 2015

From the look, Deed Poll Office must be one of the best service providers of this kind. All you have to do is pay a small fee when you plan to officially change your name. And you will be fully provided with supported with easy-to-follow instructions, and all the tools you would need like the actual change of name deed itself which is printed on high quality paper and very well designed which makes the thing look professional and the cover letter template used for informing the authorities about your change of name. It saved me from having to do it all from scratch. Andre Hill from this company was very prompt and helpful for when I needed help with advice or certain things. At the time I didn't realize how quick they are in proceeding your order. I had my second thought to go for a different middle name instead of the one originally submitted to them. Resulting them having to issue me the deeds twice which I didn't even get charged extra. I felt grateful and guilty at the same time. So yes, I will absolutely recommend Deed Poll Office to anyone who are thinking about changing their name via deed poll.

★★★★★ “ Easy and quick  ”

Written on 24th December 2014

Very quick and easy to do online and documents arrived promptly. Everything well explained and straight forward.

★★★★★ “ Excellent & easy service ”

Written on 23rd December 2014

I found this service to be first-rate! I would highly recommend it to anybody wanting to do this important change. As an expat living in France I found it surprisingly easy to do after getting PACS here last year.
A big thank you to The Deed Poll Office - really impressed!!!!!!

★★★★★ “ Deed poll review ”

Written on 5th December 2014

I was very Pleased with the service I received and I got my DeeD poll documents very quick.

★★★★★ “ Good results ”

Written on 31st October 2014

So pleased with the efficient way my request was handled. Posting was quick and accurate. If you need this service go get it!

★★★★★ “ Under 15 name change. ”

Written on 26th October 2014

The service provided was excellent, the communication was great everything was made clear to me about what I had to do and how to go about it. I sent my forms off just before I was due to turn 16 and received my deed poll certificate when I turned 16. Doing this allowed me to change my name as soon as I was 16 and not have to wait. The cost of the service was fantastic and didn't break the bank. There is nothing about www.deedpoll that I could complain about. The service provided from start to finish was top notch. There were no hidden surprises a very professional job.

★★★★★ “ Super fast and easy ”

Written on 23rd October 2014

Very happy with service. Placed order and received e-mails letting me know what was happening. Documents arrived very quickly and came with help sheets telling me what to do next. A first class service. No complaints. Good value for money. Would definitely recommend. Thank you.

★★★★★ “ Deed poll change of name. ”

Written on 29th September 2014

I had ridiculous quotes for various solicitors for writing what amounts to a standard letter.

The Deed Poll Office not only produced the document at a reasonable rate, they went out of their way to help me understand and get exactly the right documents necessary to secure my son's change of name.

I do not normally write reviews but the Deed Poll Office were so good I felt compelled to write one on this occasion. I cannot recommend them more highly.

★★★★★ “ Deed pool office ”

Written on 26th September 2014

The documents arrived within a couple of days and looked very professional.They were exactly what I required a great service.Thank you

★★★★☆ “ Change of my daughter's name ”

Written on 26th September 2014

To change my daughter name i have used the deed poll service.i am very plaesed with was quick and hassle free.would recommend

★★★★★ “ Great ”

Written on 20th September 2014

Quick and simple to do. Staff very helpful . Great service. Another 4 months and I can change my daughters name too

★★★★★ “ Great service  ”

Written on 10th September 2014

Very impressed with efficient process have used deed poll previously hence why used again effortless all handled within days
Would highly recommend

★★★★★ “ Good speedy service ”

Written on 5th September 2014

Good prompt service , excellent commiunication

★★★★★ “ I went on line to change my name is was very … ”

Written on 3rd September 2014

I went on line to change my name is was very simple to do and I received all the documents in the post within a few days so I would definitely recommend this service.

★★★★★ “ Brilliant  ”

Written on 22nd August 2014

Excellent and efficient service would highly recommend using. Just wish the banks would read your documents correctly.

★★★★★ “ I'm very happy with the over all experience it was … ”

Written on 18th August 2014

I'm very happy with the over all experience it was quick to do also a fast delivery thankyou.:-)

★★★★★ “ Brillant ”

Written on 14th August 2014

Very happy would tell everyone about this product . EXCELLENT

★★★★★ “ Great service ”

Written on 7th August 2014

applied for my deed poll change of name and received the paperwork in two days of applying great now I can carry on with my life would receomend it to any one

★★★★★ “ Excellent, fast service  ”

Written on 6th August 2014

It was very quick to complete online and the documents arrived very soon. Very pleased with the service Thanks

★★★★★ “ Best 20 pounds ever spent ”

Written on 4th August 2014

Easy to use website.
Fantastic customer service.
Excellent value for money.
Particularly liked the enclosed paperwork informing you who you need to tell about your change of name. Really pleased.

★★★★★ “ Fantastic service ”

Written on 4th August 2014

Fantastic service! Fast delivery, easy to apply, reasonable price, and reply quick to any quiries u have! Definatly recommend!

★★★★★ “ Easy to use and got just what i wanted ”

Written on 1st August 2014

Great service as I had decided to change my name by deed poll, and this site was easy to use and gave me all the information I needed.

It even allowed me to ask questions which were answered quickly via email.

I had a choice as to the number of copied of the deed poll that I wished for and was also given a list of the people I need to advise of my name change.

Great service and yes, I would recommend to others.

★★★★★ “ Fantastic service  ”

Written on 30th July 2014

The Deed Poll office were quick and efficient in every way. I was more than pleased with the service they provided to me when i changed my name. Also they were quick and extremly efficient in dealing with a problem i had. I would definately recommend anyone to use their services with confidence.

★★★★★ “ Excellent fast service ”

Written on 30th July 2014

We did not understand what needed doing and the 'Deed Poll Office' were very helpful even when we kept phoning back with other questions. Prompt delivery of documents and extremely helpful understanding staff.

★★★★★ “ Excellent easy trustworthy professional fast & reasonable!  ”

Written on 29th July 2014

★★★★★ “ Review of deed poll ”

Written on 29th July 2014

Best thing I ever did, was quick and easy. The forms to complete were simple and took no time at all, they were very adapt and timely with the responce, as well as including instructions on my next steps and possible people and organisation to contact with change of details. The price for multiple documents, cover letter, and safe online storage of details was vast below my expectations and exceptional value.
If your looking to change your name or personal details for any reasons, go for it, you wont regret it.

★★★★★ “ Excellent ”

Written on 27th July 2014

I was very happy with the service and very happy with delivery. I would defenitly recomend using you to any 1. Thank you again

★★★★★ “ Made my day ”

Written on 17th July 2014

made my day easy to understand was helpful with wear i needed things sent etc would highly recommend this company to anyone wishing to change there name i lost my previous one and was worried i would not get payed bye my work place with asking a few questions they directed me right way fantastic company.

★★★★★ “ Simple and efficient! ”

Written on 13th July 2014

very good service, easy to understand, completed in days, much more starightforward than I expected, Thank you!

★★★★★ “ Really fast service! fantastic! ”

Written on 10th July 2014

Easy to use system, with very quick service. Could not have been made any simpler! Many thanks!
Would highly recommend to anyone wishing to change their name. Very useful cover letter and list of organisations etc to notify of name change.

★★★★★ “ Does exactly what it says on the tin! ”

Written on 8th July 2014

I can't find any fault in this service at all. Communication was fantastic, the procedure was straight forward, the document was delivered very promptly and everything was exactly as promised. I would highly recommend this company.

★★★★★ “ Made everything very simple and easy, tried many … ”

Written on 5th July 2014

made everything very simple and easy, tried many others but this site was best.

★★★★★ “ Very quick and efficient ”

Written on 4th July 2014

Brilliant very easy and quick to do very pleased with the service

★★★★★ “ Quick, trusted site ”

Written on 29th June 2014

I was a bit worried doing my deed online incase it was a fake site and also the price compared to a 'real' solicitor, I filled in the form and paid using my card, I was advised by email when I would receive my deed. My deed was accepted by all companies to change my name and was a pain free transaction.
I would deffinantly reccomend to a friend
Thank you

★★★★★ “ Professional, fast and efficient ”

Written on 29th June 2014

Great service, great price, ordered on Friday received on Saturday. No problems. Would recommend to everyone!!

★★★★★ “ Excellent service and delivery  ”

Written on 28th June 2014

This was an excellent service, easy guidelines to follow so made the process quick. Easy to make payment and delivery was only a couple of days as promised. Also sent letters for me to print out to give to relevant people which was great and a list of people I should inform of the name Change. All in all a fantastic service from start to finish!

★★★★★ “ Outstanding service ”

Written on 25th June 2014

I recently married and wished to keep my name and add my new married name to it, I applied to the Deed Poll Office; they were completely professional informing me of each step my information was up to. an outstanding service and would totally recommend to people. The cost was also extremely reasonable and when I received the paperwork it arrived as they said full explanation sheet on how to get it signed and witnessed plus I was emailed a template letter to send to Passport office, DVLA etc with an explanation of how to change the name

★★★★★ “ Fab, quick and easy ”

Written on 15th June 2014

Was really easy to fill out and arrived so quickly. Super happy with my service. Found everything uncomplicated. Really good value for money, especially as it's such a simple process, much better than going to your local office.

★★★★★ “ Superb service !! ”

Written on 13th June 2014

I would definately recommend this service to anyone about to change there name,the completion of the on line documentation very straightforward and simplistic,and the servie fantastic,all my documents were with me the following morning,so I cannot recommend this service or product enough..

★★★★★ “ This was a great service. everything that was … ”

Written on 5th June 2014

This was a great service. Everything that was promised was done in a professional and speedy manner.

I would recommend this service to anybody.

★★★★★ “  ”

Written on 4th June 2014

★★★★★ “ I would recommend this company , the advice i was … ”

Written on 3rd June 2014

I would recommend this company , the advice I was given when I called was clear precise and true. I placed my order and it arrived 2 days later as I was advised it would. A good , quick and reliable service was provided to me I would definitely use them again !!!!!!!!!!!!!

★★★★★ “ Change step child's surname ”

Written on 30th May 2014

So quick and easy to do, drop down boxes for every situation so you can't go wrong, was here within a couple of days, very happy with service and results, even a list of who to send the documents to, which is really good.
I liked the fact you can purchase extra copies so easily and ask for then in a a4 carded envelope so it doesn't get creased.

★★★★★ “ Easy to use and quick service ”

Written on 30th May 2014

The online application is simple to follow and you get a response the same day to say they are processing your details and then you get everything in the post within 5 days. The service was great and the price is great and the details have been accepted everywhere. I must admit I was dubious about the price in the beginning but cant fault the service at all great way to change your name hassle free.

★★★★★ “ Excellent site. easy to follow instructions … ”

Written on 28th May 2014

Excellent site. Easy to follow instructions. Prompt return emails. Price of extra copies very good. All completed within the week. Name changed how pleased am i to be the new me. Thank you

★★★★★ “ Fantastic ”

Written on 28th May 2014

excellent service
information very good
prompt replies
all round very good

★★★★☆ “ Quick, simple and easy ”

Written on 25th May 2014

This service is really easy to use they are also quick to respond and helpful if you have an enquiry. I would reccomend them.

★★★★★ “ A good service ”

Written on 21st May 2014

I had been considering changing my name for a while but was uncertain about the process. The information provided helped to explain the procedure and gave me the confidence to take action. I was further relieved to note the assurance that I could contact the service if I encountered any problems getting my name change accepted. I'm in the process of notifying all contacts of my new details and I found the list of suggestions very helpful and comprehensive. The template was useful too as a covering letter and I have simply amended the addressees as required which has saved on time and writing.

★★★★★ “ Fantastic service ”

Written on 21st May 2014

Excellent quick service

★★★★★ “ Excellent service ”

Written on 20th May 2014

Quick friendly easy service. Even when my documents got lost in the post, they were replaced immediately and communication was ensured all the way, by email.
Highly recommended service

★★★★★ “ Happy with service ”

Written on 20th May 2014

I was very pleased with the service I got it was very quick and responsive I would definitely recommend a family member or a friend.

I was very pleased once with you service thanks

★★★★★ “ easy to use service prompt confirmation too. the website clear and concise, and all very affordable  ”

Written on 15th May 2014

Easy to use service prompt confirmation too. The website clear and concise, and all very affordable

★★★★★ “ Easy to use ”

Written on 13th May 2014

The online service was very easy to use and very explanatory, very fast and efficient service and delivery of item ... I would definitely recommend this service to anyone regarding name change ... Very pleased with the service from start to finish

★★★★★ “ Excellent service ”

Written on 13th May 2014

Thank you for all your help! Even the letter template was excellent, leaving me to edit it as and when. The whole thing was dealt with very efficiently so once again, thank you for excellent service

★★★★★ “ "absolutely fantastic!" ”

Written on 12th May 2014

What more can I say? The documents were well prepared, simple instructions to follow. The paper quality is good. They arrived on time just as promised and above all, the price is good compared to other sites I have seen. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good service. You won't be disappointed!!!

★★★★★ “ Brilliat!@ ”

Written on 11th May 2014

Excellent .. all sorted within 6 days ... from filling out deedpoll to changing my name ... couldnt be easyer ... thx guy's

★★★★★ “ The best on the internet i did so much research!  ”

Written on 6th May 2014

I called the customer service. That agent was very helpful and friendly. The price of deed poll was very cheap. I almost felt like it was for free. Best quality paper with original copies! I highly recomend their service! Please use them all people out there! No point paying some rubbish company higher amount where as you can get better service for less from these guys here!

★★★★★ “ Super fast, reliable service. what you see is what … ”

Written on 5th May 2014

Super fast, reliable service. What you see is what you get.

★★★★★ “ Fantastic , professional service  ”

Written on 30th April 2014

I simply cannot praise praise the Deed Poll Office highly enough!
I ordered my deed poll using their very easy to use online service opting for standard service (not express) , first class post at 10pm Monday evening and actually had the certificates in my hand by 11am Wednesday morning !
They arrived well packed with step by step instructions even a child could follow. The deed poll itself is high of quality,the same if not better than solicitors versions I have seen in the past.
I also ordered 6 duplicates and looking at other sites I have 7 deed poll certificates for less money than others are charging for one.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Deed Poll Office and will definitely use them again if the need should arise.



★★★★★ “ Change of name by deed poll. ”

Written on 30th April 2014

The form was very comprehensive and easy to fill out. The service provided by the company was quick, efficient and excellent service. Deed titles came back to me within 5 working days. I would recommend this service to anyone. There was nothing not to like about this Company and it's performance superb. Well done.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service, very prompt and will recommend it ”

Written on 30th April 2014

excellent service, very prompt and will recommend it

★★★★★ “ Change of name ”

Written on 25th April 2014

My grandson had a middle name added. This was so easy to do with this site. Was very simple and got all documents following day. Cost was very cheap as well. I will tell my friends . Thank you for making it very quick.and simple and stress free

★★★★★ “ Excellent and very quick service. highly recommended.  ”

Written on 25th April 2014

EXCELLENT and very quick Service. Highly recommended.

★★★★★ “ Efficient ”

Written on 25th April 2014

Very easy website to use. i was apprehensive about doing the name change online as it was for my 11 year old daughter, but i thought i would give it a go. I recieved it quickly, 2 days after ordering and it was exactly as i hoped it would be.
Great Service!

★★★★★ “ Quickly & efficient ”

Written on 24th April 2014

I was very happy with your services, it was quick and efficient, and everything was in order first time around. Thank you for making my experience with you pleasant. Hope now I will be able to change my daughter's paperwork without any hassle.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service and very quick to send the deed poll paper ”

Written on 22nd April 2014

it was very easy to sort out my deed poll papers and they were sent out to me very quickly.

★★★★★ “ Brilliant ”

Written on 16th April 2014

Brilliant customer service arrived next day great thankyou will certainly use again

★★★★★ “ Efficient,reliable,fantastic ”

Written on 9th April 2014

I like the accuracy and professionalism. You are directed all way through.Simple English with no jargon and abbreviations.

★★★★★ “ Brilliant service  ”

Written on 9th April 2014

The service was really good and very easy to follow. My documents arrived on time and looked fab. Really pleased. The price was brill.

★★★★★ “ Great service ”

Written on 4th April 2014

I explained my situation over the phone to a very helpful and polite member of staff, he was able to point me in the right direction and advise me about which form of document I needed from the Deed Poll Office as I wasn't sure. He was even more than happy to stay on the phone to help me fill out a form, and the documents arrived in 2 working days. Overall - helpful and friendly staff, super fast delivery and general 5 star service. Would recommend to a friend.

★★★★★ “ Amazing service ”

Written on 4th April 2014

Really please with how easy the website was to use. Confirmation emails were concise and clear, advising on timescales. Documents arrived as advised. Couldnt have chosen a better company to deal with.

★★★★★ “ Friendly helpfull and recommended ”

Written on 8th March 2014

highly recommened very helpfull. polite and welcoming and at affordable prices thank u very much would use again and have told friends about u many thanks

★★★★★ “ Really good and reliable service. ”

Written on 6th March 2014

I found this service really helpful. They got back to me when they said they would. They notified me at each step. I was given time to change any detail. I was also told when my cancellation time would be up. Also I was told when processing had started. The certificate was of good quality. The instructions was user friendly. They were very polite in their response. I would use them again if need be and recommend to anyone I know who would like to use this service.

★★★★★ “ Great ,fast and efficient  ”

Written on 19th February 2014

Great and very helpful staff . Very good customer service .

★★★★★ “ Fantastic service and value for money ”

Written on 6th February 2014

Excellent service and saved a fortune. There is no need to pay hefty Solicitors charges when this company provide the same service and result. The service was very simple to follow and the documents were sent quickly and efficiently.

★★★★★ “ Brilliant, easy and efficient service at a low price ”

Written on 5th February 2014

★★★★★ “ Very fast, no problems, thank you ”

Written on 4th February 2014

very fast postage, no problems, not expensive, I'm very happy to deal with Deed Poll.

★★★★★ “ No birth certificate for passport? - no worries!! ”

Written on 3rd February 2014

★★★★☆ “ Prompt and good value for money ”

Written on 2nd February 2014

The service was excellent and great value for money. Many thanks!

★★★★★ “ very easy and convenient ”

Written on 17th January 2014

I loved the fact that the thought of changing your name would be such a task till I found out about this company, they made it so easy and the costumer service was impeccable. I highly recommend anyone that wants to change their name to use this website. May I add the delivery was NEXT DAY.

I've honestly got nothing to say negative about this company.

★★★★★ “ Deed poll service - excellent ”

Written on 5th January 2014

I sent a message to a Deed Poll Advisor via the website and received a response within 24 hours. I was pleased to receive such a quick and helpful response, which advised me of the details I needed to include in my application form.

Following completion of my application form I received an email to confirm it was being processed and then to confirm it had been processed and when I would receive it in the post. This communication was great and the document arrived a few days later.

The application process was easy and the advice I received from the advisor was very helpful. I would recommend this service.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service overall ”

Written on 2nd January 2014

Very good service and I would recommend this office at anytime for those kinds of things to any family members or friends.Very quick service and safe to buy the products from poll office and its acceped to most of organisations in the UK and the documents are in good quality papers and looking very professional with good explanation from the start to the end,am happy to use the same company for anything else in the future.

★★★★★ “ Prompt,easy and competent deed poll process ”

Written on 17th December 2013

Had I known how painless it was to change my name by deed poll with the help of the Deed Poll Office, I would have done it long before now. The FAQ`s were particularly helpful and clear. The automatic DVLA form is a good idea, as is the template letter to inform other organisations. The deed poll document itself looks good, on nice quality paper, embossed and marked.

I would use the Deed Poll Office again when if I change my name again!

★★★★★ “ Excellent (review by jay) ”

Written on 16th December 2013

I always wanted to change my name, I googled deed poll and seen the benefits of the deed poll office. Its much better, cheaper and the people who work at the deed poll office are great, they are always there to answer any questions.
In the end I am very happy with the deed poll office

★★★★★ “ Simple & reliable ”

Written on 6th December 2013

Very simple and straight forward service to order deed poll.Definitely recommend to my family and friends if they need a deed poll.

★★★★★ “ Excellent experience ”

Written on 29th November 2013

I had looked at a few deedpoll sites but the prices varied alot. I needed something easy to follow and prompt with posting out the documents.

They sent out my completed deedpoll documentation the next working day on quality stamped print. I also got an email with a very useful cover letter that you can update and send directly to companies to inform them.

A great service from the first email acknowledging payment to the completed documents all within 2 working days. I would not hesitate to recommend using this company.

★★★★★ “ Excellent professional service ”

Written on 29th November 2013

The service provided was highly professional and I had confidence from beginning to end. All relevant information provided beforehand was accurate and clear and the whole procedure was much easier than anticipated. I received my deed poll documents quickly and was impressed with how I was cared for throughout the process.

★★★★★ “ Changing names could not be made easier ”

Written on 25th November 2013

Excellent prompt service. No fuss, no complications. Brilliant! Would highly recommend this organisation to any one who required their services. Communication was plentiful and informative. The cost of the service was surprisingly low. Thank you for making this matter so ease to deal with.

★★★★☆ “ Good service  ”

Written on 11th November 2013

Very easy too do, only took me 10 mins on the computer. I got an email straight away to confirm it all went though ok, also received a cover letter by email . Very fast and efficient service thank you .

★★★★★ “ Easy and fast ”

Written on 11th November 2013

This service was so easy - filling in the form online was simple, no complicated forms just one
I was a bit wary about doing it online, but recommended by a friend, I gave it a try and was not disappointed.
Confirmation email sent at each stage, so you know what's happening, Nd the whole process took no more than a week.

Once you have your documents witnessed you are ready to go
No registering it anywhere just take a copy to wherever you are changing your name
And that's it!!
I did look at most of the Deed Poll sites before choosing this one. It was the cheapest
But the service was fantastic.

★★★★★ “ Deedpoll excellenet service ”

Written on 11th November 2013

Very fast and secure service, would certainly recommend!

★★★★★ “ Recommended, hassle-free service! ”

Written on 21st October 2013

I would recommend this service to anyone wishing to change their name but unsure how to proceed. The site was really easy to use, and they kept me updated by email every step of the way. My deeds arrived approximately 3 days after I ordered them, printed on really good quality paper, along with a list of bodies to send the deed to in order to execute the name change and a template letter to send along with it. Now, three weeks later, all my documents have been returned to me and my name is officially changed! I thought changing my name by deed poll would be really expensive, but this service is well worth every penny.

★★★★★ “ Satisfied ”

Written on 21st October 2013

I have been looking to change my name for some time but every where I inquired it was too costly. Then I stumbled upon this site. They did the job for a fraction of price. I received it on the day they promised and had been accepted at all the places I have sent it so far. Would definitely recommend it.

★★★★☆ “ Chnge of name deed poll service ”

Written on 11th October 2013

Efficient and proficient service. Excellent that there is also a phone contact where you can immediately speak with an actual person who can answer all your questions.
Prompt delivery of documents.
Good guidance of procedures required to change name.
Happy to recommend their service.

★★★★★ “ Great service ”

Written on 9th October 2013

Easy to use website and great service. I had an email back after a couple of hours just asking Me to clarify a detail then I got my papers within 3 days.

★★★★☆ “ Hi deed poll has been brilliant and quick … ”

Written on 5th October 2013

Hi deed poll has been brilliant and quick
apart from I did pay for 11 duplicate they send only 5
but the service was quick thanks .!!

★★★★★ “ Service & quickness ”

Written on 30th September 2013

Overall the service was excellent. The cheapest dead poll site I've seen. Received the dead poll certificates within a couple of days.

★★★★★ “ Easiest thing i've ever done ”

Written on 30th September 2013

I didn't realise how quick and easy this process was going to be. I would recommend the site to anyone who is thinking about changing their name. It only took a few minutes to complete the form. My documents arrived exactly when they said they would. These are very professional and the check list is very helpful. Can't fault anything.

★★★★★ “ I changed my name ”

Written on 26th September 2013

i was worried about my name change as i thought it would be masses of question and a lot of money, how wrong i was, i filled in a very short form on line with the deed poll office [5 minutes]bought some extra copies then paid via paypal. the deed poll office kept me informed via e-mail on every step and within 3 days had my deed poll delivered to my door, its not often that you get real customer care these days but i did with the deed poll office. a great big thank you to your team,

★★★★★ “ Great service and very fast.  ”

Written on 26th September 2013

All aspects of service were fantastic and the deed poll arrived very quickly.

★★★★★ “ Helpful staff ”

Written on 23rd September 2013

The service I received was excellen; the member that helped was very knowable about the service I needed and presented me with different alternatives as to my getting a Deed Pool for my Aunt.

★★★★★ “ Difficult times, great solutions ”

Written on 23rd September 2013

After 16 years of my son desperately wanting to change his name to that of his step father, deed poll has come along and provided a process that was simple, quick, value for money and easy guidelines to follow.
Thanks have made a teenagers 16th birthday very special!

★★★★★ “ Faultless!! ”

Written on 20th September 2013

Was one of the cheapest deed poll sites I had found, so was slightly worried that it may not be legit, but after the extremely quick delivery, I have since used it to change my sons name at his bank and have received his passport, so would highly recommend not wasting your money on higher charging sites!

★★★★★ “ Excellent service. ”

Written on 20th September 2013

Fantastic service, great communication and easy to do. Also very fast and efficient! And great value for money...I now have a very happy little boy with his official name change. Thank you.

★★★★★ “ Good service  ”

Written on 18th September 2013

very good and prompt service no messing around.
very pleased

★★★★★ “ Great cheap fast ”

Written on 17th September 2013

Great price for name change fast procedure kept me up to date in every step received with in 2/3 days of making application really would recommend to all.

★★★★★ “ Simply the best ”

Written on 17th September 2013

The service is super would recommend to anyone fast and reliable 5 *****

★★★★★ “ Very accommodating  ”

Written on 13th September 2013

My daughter had her original deed poll stolen along with other documents of importances, I contacted the deed poll office to see what I could do, they allocated me an officer to deal with my request to which he advised me what to do. He was very help full in his advice, he answered all my questions very quickly giving me great direction of what I needed to pay and where and how. This was a very small amount and one I was very impressed with. I think this site and the quick responses where fanbloodytastic.

★★★★★ “ Deed poll request ”

Written on 12th September 2013

hi this service if easy to use, efficient and very prompt. Documents are sent quickly and on good quality paper. They also give letters to forward onto the necessary people which takes all the hard work off yourself.

★★★★★ “ Very good service ”

Written on 12th September 2013

I was very happy with my service from the Deed Poll Office,they were quick and efficient,and it was a pleasure dealing with them. I would definatly recommend them.

★★★★★ “ Very easy ”

Written on 10th September 2013

The service is very easy, affordable and delivered very quickly.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service  ”

Written on 10th September 2013

I am very pleased with everything - speed of postage / full instructions about how to proceed etc - would definatly recommend

★★★★★ “ Recommendation ”

Written on 10th September 2013

Totally trust this site. Dealt with my details quckly without any hassle or fuss.

★★★★★ “ Excellent level of service ”

Written on 9th September 2013

★★★★★ “ Excellent service highly reconmended ”

Written on 9th September 2013

The overall service was very good and quick the only thing that wasnt great i asked for a call back and it never came although as it turned out i didnt need it as the online forms were very easy to fill in and had hints by the assist me.
It was good value for money compared to alot of sites it pays to shop around

★★★★★ “ Brilliant!!! ”

Written on 7th September 2013

I applied to change my surname and had completed the application with 30 minutes, was simple, easy and quick. The instructions and questions were clear and very informative and helpful.
I also recieved my deed poll within 2 days of completing the application so was very very pleased by how quick (and reasonably priced) the process was!!
Very very happy with everything!!

★★★★★ “ Fantastic and speedy service ”

Written on 6th September 2013

After searching online for DIY Deed Poll kits, I came across this site. Price was very impressive and although I was quite dubious at first I decided to go ahead, I rang up and spoke to a friendly chap who took me through the whole process in under 10 minutes, answered all my question fully and gave me all the information I needed. Two days later my Deed Poll arrived, printed on fabulous paper, all legal and above board, could not have been happier. Really fantastic service and a fantastic price.

Highly Recommend

★★★★★ “ Brilliant speedy service. ”

Written on 5th September 2013

I loved the service I received i changed my daughters surname to my partners so she was the same as her siblings and when were married we will all have same name. It was all very easy to do simple to understand and explained step by step in very Simple terms I received the official papers in just 48hrs and official cover letters for use with dvla and passport office whichiI found very useful for when she is older and will need them I would definitely use them again.

★★★★★ “ Quick and easy ”

Written on 5th September 2013

Really couldnt believe how quickly and and easy it was to use the service. I applied online and received the documentation within days. The website was clear and easy to use and I am impressed with the template letters they send to you by email to help with the transisition. Very pleased and good value for money.

★★★★★ “ Fast straight forward service ”

Written on 4th September 2013

great service! fast and straight forward. have already recommended you to my 2 divorced friends..

★★★★★ “ Very easy! ”

Written on 4th September 2013

I have to say that I really looked around and asked questions about the difference between changing our names by deed poll or by statutory declaration. I have asked solicitors and shopped around. Your site was by far the easiest to use and the cheapest! I would suggest anyone orders at least four copies of the certificate. It was quick and easy! so thank you, we are now comfortable with our new name and pleased we used your service.

★★★★★ “ Fantastic  ”

Written on 2nd September 2013

I've had this nick name name since school so I'm glad I've changed my name now. I was a bit sceptics at first but now I'm happy with it, good service and very fast delivery I'd recommend that you go to a solicitors to get it signed (having it) so the passport don't keep on sending question after question ??

★★★★★ “ Nicole novello townsend ”

Written on 2nd September 2013

Fantastic service have had no trouble in the opening of bank account, enrolling for 6 form college in my new name. thank you for making it so simple.

★★★★★ “ Organised, quick and easy! ”

Written on 2nd September 2013

The website was very helpful and very clear so i knew and understood exactly what I needed to do. As soon as a payment was received, the documents were posted and my name was legally changed within a week. I also called the helpline at one point and they were so helpful and friendly, thankyou so much for all your help!!

★★★★★ “ Excellent service!prompt delivery and value for money ”

Written on 2nd September 2013

Excellent service!Prompt delivery and value for money

★★★★★ “ Speedy and efficient ”

Written on 29th August 2013

Not knowing the procedure of how to change my name, I visited the deed poll website and found the content easy to understand and well laid out.
Using the instructions and guide I was able to complete my application in a relatively short period of time and submitted the application with no fuss. I received through the post the pre-printed change of name deed poll certificate which was accurate and concise. I was very impressed with the simplicity and speed of the whole and would certainly recommend this procedure to any potential people wishing to change their names.

★★★★★ “ Very happy  ”

Written on 28th August 2013

Very happy been wanting to change my childrens last name to there fathers surname for a long time and thinking how can I do it coz there is not a lot of sites you can trust then found deed poll who are very helpful and very fast at getting things sorted

★★★★★ “ First class service ”

Written on 25th August 2013

Thank you for an efficient first class service. You should be Proud of your Staff And Managers. I would recommend using this site for speed and efficiency if you are thinking of changing your Names? Overall the site is simple to navigate and has speed in loading its pages!

★★★★★ “ Excellent, efficient, effective ”

Written on 23rd August 2013

A super fast and efficient service. Particularly grateful that your web site highlighted the fact that there is no official deed poll office or deed poll site and that certainly saved me money.

Just wish I had ordered a few more deed poll certificates as I didn't realise the amount of institutions I needed to advise.

Would perhaps like some mention about title as the final deed poll does not mention Miss/ Ms/ Mrs and institutions raised this question when changing my name in person with them .

A brilliant service and a brilliant new start to my life - thank you :)

★★★★★ “ Perfect ”

Written on 22nd August 2013

Arrived quickly, works everywhere I've needed to use it, and all for a cheap price!

★★★★★ “ Exellent service ”

Written on 22nd August 2013

Vvery pleased with this service was a quick and easy transaction and deeds arrived within a couple of days would definitely recommend this service to anyone

★★★★★ “ Official name change with deed poll ”

Written on 22nd August 2013

The online forms were easy to fill out and were clearly explained, payment was secured electronically and safely, I received my documents in a few days as expected. A very professional service that I cannot fault and certainly value for money as my solicitor was asking for quadruple the cost of officially changing my name through the Deed Poll Office. I was able to have my documents signed immediately and the day following my receipt of them I was able to change the details on my bank account successfully. This is an official and legal site, I highly recommend the Deed Poll Office!

★★★★★ “ Excellent service ”

Written on 22nd August 2013

Can not believe what quick efficient on line service they offer! Also, paper they used for the document very professional...will definately use them again if need be and will recommend to other people!, thank you.

Miss Kaur
West Midlands.

★★★★★ “ Fast and efficient ”

Written on 21st August 2013

Excellent service, received my documents in just a few days with detailed notes and a soft copy template letter to use. The website was really easy and the cost including extra copy deed poll documents was amazing! If I had known it was this easy I would have done it years ago.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service ”

Written on 21st August 2013

★★★★★ “ Great fast service! ”

Written on 20th August 2013

I was really confused about how I can actually change my name, and I tohught it would take ages for me to do!! Until I found the Deed Poll Office, gave them call and explained everything to me and how simple the process is!!
I did it all online, took exactly about 5 min, and in 2 days it was all done and posted to my house!
I would definitely recommend to anyone, and I would use this service again if I needed.

Simple, easy, and quick!

★★★★★ “ Fantastic sevice 10/10 ”

Written on 19th August 2013

what a fantastic service. i changed my name and my daughters surname. it was really easy to do, the forms were easy to fill in. payment was a great price and simple and sucure tp pay. got emails updating me on progress and deliverd in just a few days. outstanding service. would defently recomened.

★★★★★ “ The best service ”

Written on 16th August 2013

I found The Deed Poll Office so helpful and easy to deal with, I learnt all I needed to know and received my documents within a few days, so I have them safe for when I can fill in the date, get it witnessed and finally change my name, I am delighted and Thank you !
Also received information and guidance as to the order in which I need to proceed with notification of my new name! lest I forget!...what more could one ask! value for money and so polite!

★★★★☆ “ Quick service ”

Written on 16th August 2013

The Deed Poll Certificate was sent out very quickly with very easy and informative instructions on how to execute it. I also like the fact they sent a very large list of people to contact with regards to change of name, this made it a lot easier to see who I had to inform and it meant that I didnt have to sit for ages trying to think of who I had to contact.

★★★★★ “ Deed poll feedback excellent service ”

Written on 15th August 2013

This service was a very quick process as I received emails confirming that the application had been received and then further updates until I received the documents 2 days later which was great. Very happy with the check list to inform different organizations and application form to amend my driving licence ,good value for money excellent service couldn't fault anything ....

★★★★★ “ Quick, and super efficient! ”

Written on 14th August 2013

Was able to complete and register the details for my deed poll online, then was e-mailed instructions on what to do and who to contact, was kept informed on delivery date for the deed poll, and it arrived on time through the post with further instructions for witnessing etc. An excellent service and great value for money. Thank you.

★★★★★ “ Easy changing my name ”

Written on 14th August 2013

This site was easy to use and understand,there were no tricky questions,I felt a easy using it.And the speed with which my documents came through was brilliant.I would recommend this site .

★★★★★ “ Second to none! ”

Written on 14th August 2013

There seems to be so many companies offering Deed Poll but the best of them all is in my opinion The DEED POLL OFFICE, they offer good value for money, prompt and efficient, customer service is second to none. I will recommend them any day, any time to anybody who requires this kind of service.

★★★★★ “ Very quick responce … ”

Written on 14th August 2013

very quick responce
and nvalue for money back witha week easy forms too fill in no hassle very pleased with result

★★★★★ “ Efficient fast professional ”

Written on 14th August 2013

Wonderful service emailed enquiry had answer within an hour received paper work in 3 days

★★★★★ “ Excellent ”

Written on 14th August 2013

Would recommend this service to anyone interested in changing their name by deed poll. Excellent service very quick and very easy instructions to follow on line.

★★★★★ “ Changed my life! ”

Written on 14th August 2013

it was quick, not expensive and has literally changed my life, I am so grateful for this website. I would highly recommend it to friends and family.

★★★★★ “ Changing your name is sooo easy! ”

Written on 13th August 2013

If I'd have known it was that easy and that cheap to change my name back to my maiden name after my divorce 4 years ago I would have done it straight away! Brilliant service and sooo easy to do! Thank you

★★★★★ “ Fast efficent easy service ”

Written on 13th August 2013


★★★★★ “ Fast, efficient, professional and very reasonable ”

Written on 12th August 2013

Looked at a number of different sites offering the same service before choosing this one. The service was professional, fast and I was kept informed via email as to progress. Would highly recommend this site, I am very pleased with the service offered.

★★★★★ “ I thought your service was very quick an … ”

Written on 12th August 2013

I thought your service was very quick an sufficient. I found it very easy to follow the steps and am pleased with my new name. I would def reccommend your service to a friend or family member.

★★★★★ “ Very happy ”

Written on 12th August 2013

★★★★★ “ Fast and efficient ”

Written on 11th August 2013

★★★★☆ “ Adding a middle name ”

Written on 11th August 2013

I have decided to add a middle name as I dont have one. I thought that the process would be complicated or at least lengthy. To my surprise it was neither. The online webpage was easy to navigate and I had filled in the form within 10 minutes. The official paperwork with ongoing instructions arrived within 3 days. The cost of the whole process was surprisingly low and I felt that the whole experience was both simple and efficient. I would definitely recommend using the online option and I felt both relief and surprise at how easy it had all been. Well done and thank you.

★★★★★ “ Quick and easy ”

Written on 9th August 2013

Very quick, easy and prompt service. Kept up to date with every stage of the deed poll. Woulf definitely recommend.

★★★★★ “ Great service ”

Written on 8th August 2013

Great prompt delivery service. Not as expensive as i would have thought. Would recommend to anyone wanting to change their name legally. The papers arrived promptly with all information to easily follow in order to validate the papers. Was easy to apply online and e mail was sent to me updating me of my application process. Delivery came within a couple of days. Really appreciate the prompt efficient service. Thankyou.

★★★★★ “ Fast and efficient ”

Written on 8th August 2013

Hi , from the first to query to receiving my documents customer care was excellent, notified at all times of the process as it was going through in a quick and professional manner.

★★★★★ “ Quick, easy service ”

Written on 8th August 2013

This was such an easy process I wish I'd done it years ago. The question asked are really easy and the process is easy to follow. My deed was sent out within a couple of days with full instructions on how to have it witnessed. There's no need to return it either which really quickens the process of changing your name up. Full guidelines that are simple and easy follow are sent also so you know who you need to notify. In short a quick and pain free way to change your name

★★★★★ “ Fast and excellent service ”

Written on 6th August 2013

Great service, prompt email response and first class service.

★★★★★ “ Great service ”

Written on 5th August 2013

The service offered by Deed Poll was excellent, they are a service which you can defiantly trust I would recommend it to anyone it does what it says on the tin. It was quick and easy and most importantly it was safe.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service  ”

Written on 4th August 2013

Very helpful friendly service. Provided everything we needed to change our names. Contacted us on the phone to ensure everything was correct. I would highly recommend this service.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service throughout ”

Written on 3rd August 2013

I have just used the Deed Poll Office and found the entire process to be simple, straightforward and explained in plain English. The support throughout was second to none and I would not hesitate to use the service again myself or recommend them to my friends.

★★★★★ “ Affordable & excellent ”

Written on 2nd August 2013

★★★★★ “ Outstanding service - thank you! ”

Written on 1st August 2013

The on-line information is both clear and concise and the site is very easy to use. Deed poll documents arrived exactly when and how I was quoted. I would have processed the name change much sooner if I had known it was completely hassle free. Thank you Deed Poll Office!

★★★★★ “ Great service ”

Written on 1st August 2013

I applied for my change of name and it only took a day for the certificate to arrive,wish my divorce was that quick!
I would recommend this site to anyone.

★★★★★ “ A very easy way to change name and so fast, would … ”

Written on 1st August 2013

A very easy way to change name and so fast, would recommend to friends

★★★★★ “ Fantastic, fast service ”

Written on 1st August 2013

I had to apply for a change of deed pole for a friend who needed it to apply for her first passport.
I found the whole service very user friendly, fast and very efficient from start to finish.
I received regular emails to update me on the application. And the documents were received in a few days of the initial application.
The staff were very polite and well informed during our phone conversation.
Thank you for a wonderful service.
And would be very happy to recommend the service.

★★★★★ “ Easy. fast and a life saver ”

Written on 31st July 2013

I lost my marrige citificate I couldn't get my passport made :( I was told about deed poll and just like magic all done thanks a tone :)

★★★★★ “ Highly recommend ”

Written on 31st July 2013

I found it simple and stright forward and good value for money I have managed to change my name on everything without question. very happy with my new name

★★★★★ “ Quick and easy ”

Written on 29th July 2013

★★★★★ “ Excellent and easy to use ”

Written on 29th July 2013

I recently wanted to change my surname and a friend told me about deed poll office, I went online had completed all of my details within five minutes and had a confirmation e-mail letting mu know the next steps.
Their website is very easy to use and follow and they were excellently priced. Within three working days I g=had all my certificates and help telling who to notify. All I had to do was get a witness to sign with me and start changing my name!
Excellent service from start to finish, I would definitely recommend them.

★★★★★ “ Fast, efficient, easy ”

Written on 29th July 2013

The format is easy to follow and understand. The forms and instructions came fast and looked very professional.

★★★★★ “ Absolutely brilliant ! ”

Written on 26th July 2013

Using Deed Poll has been the most fast and efficient service I have used. I had to change my son's forename, thinking this will be one long procedure, I was told to use Deed Poll. I looked up Deed Poll and customer reviews and my was I impressed - was it really that simple and straightforward?? So I used the online tool and chose the option to speak to an officer via online chat, promptly my questions were answered by the officer and I was assured I would be kept informed throughout the process. Online form was so simple and quick to fill that once I hit the enter button I immediately received an email from the officer who was to deal with my case! Within two days my Deed Poll arrived with a helpful list of all organisations that were to be told. Simple as that! Very good service with no solicitor fees! A very happy and satisfied customer. Thank you Deed Poll

★★★★★ “ Great and easy experience! ”

Written on 26th July 2013

The whole process from filling in the form, payment, and receiving the certificates with instructions was seamless. Any questions I had were quickly answered, and the service was well worth the money. Very trustworthy and professional- I would recommend to any!

★★★★★ “ Great service ”

Written on 26th July 2013

My documents were sent swiftly and accurately. I thought the pre-prepared covering letter I received by email to use was very useful.
I was kept informed continuously about the stage of my application.
I especially like the reduced fees for multiple applications.

★★★★☆ “ Receiving my title ”

Written on 24th July 2013

I was very pleased to receive my title, which was given to me by Deed Poll Certificate.
I feel that it has improved my abilities in the business that I run and has helped me achieve greater confidence from my customers.
I felt that the service was fast and efficient, and could be of much personal benefit to everyone in our community of Great Britain.
One remark that I received was quite abusive, the comment was our company will not accept this because it is a PURCHASED TITLE ONLY and therefore is of no real value to anyone, they then refused to use the Deed Poll Certificate Title on the personal details that their company held on me on my behalf, even after making 4/5 personal visits to their branch office.
It also put an end to the rather nasty comment, often used and that is, "Oh no your not a Business woman, you are just a boring housewife". Or the Deed Poll Title can also help to fight the slanderous remark, "you cannot do THAT, you are just an IDIOT".
We cannot always show our qualifications in public, but this way of using a title, gives everyone a chance to be proud in public and it gives each of us who use a title a permanent and an improved public address.
Thanks Lady Joan

★★★★★ “ Perfect ”

Written on 23rd July 2013

Service was perfect, on time, no problems at all

★★★★★ “ Fantastic service! ”

Written on 22nd July 2013

Ordered my sons name change on a Sunday afternoon was sent a confirmation email the same day. By Monday morning had been sent the letter to print as a word document and all the papers arrived by post Wednesday morning! Fast efficient and so easy to do. I will be using this service again as it was faultless for me and my daughter! It he web site was easy to understand and very straight forward. Excellent! Can't recommend it enough!,,,

You get a list to help you write to the relevant organisations and it was thorough

★★★★★ “ Name change from married to maiden name ”

Written on 22nd July 2013

I was - am- impressed with this website and have
Recommended you highly to a work colleague.
It was an easy user friendly site and extremely swift .
I very much appreciated the word doc template
which cut down thinking and prep time for me.
All I had to do was find the addresses and account
details for the people I needed to write to.
I was even provided with a list of companies so that I
Felt confident I left no stone unturned.

I needed a question answered and called direct concerned it
was naive but was treated with respect and attention, efficiently
and clearly.

Thanks for making it easier for me


★★★★★ “ Prompt, exact and reasonably priced - change of name deed ”

Written on 22nd July 2013

I was very impressed with the service I received from Deed Poll Office. I had a particular request (a need for a backdated change of name deed) and I was called by a polite representative to check that everything was in correct with this request before they proceeded.

I received the deed the following day which was excellent as I needed it quickly (I only paid for standard delivery).

I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

★★★★★ “ Good, quick and easy. ”

Written on 21st July 2013

This service was very easy to use, very quick and reasonably priced. I would recommend it to anyone. I have no complaints at all.

★★★★★ “ Absolutely amazing job ”

Written on 20th July 2013

I have never thought that getting a deed poll is easy. good service with very cheap price

★★★★★ “ Excellent service ”

Written on 19th July 2013

I would, and have, recommended this service to others. Not only were they cheap, they were excellent at letting me know what was happening at every step (including an email to check to see if I'd received my certificates), but they were also amazingly quick. When the certificates came they arrived with excellent instructions on how to execute them and a list of people that they suggested I informed and they provided me (via email) with a template letter to send out along side my deed poll certificates. If only changing my name with all the places I'm registered at would be so quick and easy!

I would recommend getting certified copies of the original, I got 4 extras making a total of 5 and it's surprising how many are sent out at any one time.

★★★★★ “ Very fast service fantastic!!! ”

Written on 19th July 2013

I made my application on line, given all my details, with my e mail address , and I must say how pleased I was to receive updates regarding my application process, this helped to put me at ease, as I'd been a bit stressed out needing a passport and a change of name proof, my deed poll certificates arrived within a few days, fantastic service I'd recommend this to anyone,

★★★★★ “ Easy effective service  ”

Written on 18th July 2013

I liked that I could complete this online and was very easy to complete.
The template letter came by email. I ticked the change of name on dvla and a form came through at the same time!
Simplicity and affordability at its best.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service ”

Written on 18th July 2013

Service and delivery were excellent would recommend to anyone

★★★★★ “ So simple to use ”

Written on 17th July 2013

This service is excellent. It's really simple to use and totally trustworthy, with good correspondent throughout. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others.

★★★★★ “ Very easy process ”

Written on 17th July 2013

A very efficient process for both landlords and tennants, I found this process very easy to use. Although the thought of somebody else holding my deposit is rather daunting after using the process I would recommend it to anyone.

★★★★★ “ Great service at a small price ”

Written on 17th July 2013

I wanted to change my name and I did it in 3 days with only 10 pounds. Other deed poll firms were charging at least 30-35 pounds.

★★★★★ “ Hassle-free service ”

Written on 17th July 2013

★★★★★ “ Excellent service ”

Written on 17th July 2013

I applied for my name change recently and was worried it would be hard to do and expensive. Well what a surprise. It was so simple. I filled on all the questions and paid and within 4days my copies arrived at my home. Also had a pdq sent which contain a letter for me to print out and send to people to explain my name change very helpful. What I found very helpful is there is a helpline to contact if you have any queries. I spoke to Andre and he was very helpful and steered me in the right direction. I would definitely recommend this service for its fast and efficient service

★★★★★ “ Great  ”

Written on 17th July 2013

Great service, really simple and quick

★★★★★ “ Professional flawless service ”

Written on 17th July 2013

This service is excellent, really easy to use and totally professional.

All communication, both written and electronic is easy to understand and extremely punctual.

The website is well laid out and the costings are clear and very reasonable.

The actual paper documentation arrived in good time and in good order, with the addition of a company checklist which proved very useful, as did the customised cover letter.

★★★★★ “ Everything extremely positive ”

Written on 16th July 2013

These guys provided a very professional service in double quick time and to prove that the documents they provide are authentic, I have just received our daughters' new passport after using the deed poll certificate.
There are many questionable 'services' on the web, this is not one of them and the small fee they ask is insignificant compared to the value of the product they produce.

★★★★★ “ Change of surname ”

Written on 15th July 2013

Applied on the website when I decided to Takeuchi partners surname. All very straight forward. Received my Deed Poll certificates within 1 week along with plenty of useful information. Had email communication throughout advising me of progress

I have been extremely pleased with the service and would recommend this to anyone wishing to change their name. So far all companies, including bank, have accepted the certificate with no issue.

★★★★★ “ Easy to use ”

Written on 14th July 2013

I came directly to this site to change my name, I was a little concerned about doing it myself but it is much cheaper than getting a solicitor to do it. The whole process was quick and easy, I was updated all the way through the process and when I did ask a question regarding my title change I had a really prompt response.

I would not hesitate to recommend this site to others.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service! ”

Written on 14th July 2013

I was amazed at how easy it was, I had put changing my off after my divorce off for years because of the hassle I thought it would be, it was simply simple Thank you

★★★★★ “ Great ”

Written on 13th July 2013

Very easy to use and very quick delivery. Would recommend this as I tried looking around and this seemed to be the best.

★★★★★ “ What a service ”

Written on 12th July 2013

Within 3 days of applying I had received my forms. The process was so simple

★★★★★ “ Easy to use ”

Written on 11th July 2013

Nice easy service to use. Quick and efficient. Thank you.

★★★★★ “ Unbelievable service  ”

Written on 11th July 2013

I wasn't Bleve it that easy proses , I fill like a new person weldone to you ded pool I defnatle recommend you to my friends exlante xxx

★★★★★ “ Fantastic  ”

Written on 11th July 2013

Found this company online first people I clicked on, It was amazingly cheap, thought there might be a catch somewhere, but no that was the price, I was well chuffed. Filled all the online details in and within 2 or 3 days it was done. Just had the signing and witnessing to do. Absolutely fantastic. I'm one happy little bunny. I like the fact I could do it all online as I'm disabled, didn't need to mess around with a solicitor. Communication was great and very fast. Everything was explained in the website. I really don't know why I had put it off for so long.

★★★★★ “ Change of name with deed poll office ”

Written on 10th July 2013

Very quick and effecient service. Process was quite clear, simple and straight forward. i would really recommend anyone who wishes to change name

★★★★★ “ Deed poll office ”

Written on 10th July 2013

I had no problems with the deed poll office. The site and form was easy to understand and complete. The deed poll was received within a couple of days. The only problem we had when executing the deed poll was when it came to signing it. The instructions were not very clear; we didn't know if we had to sign the name in block letters or wether a signature was required. Three of us read the instructions and were still not clear, and it was lucky we ordered a copy as we signed It incorrectly. A signature is required ! But apart from that, the deed poll has served it's purpose without hitch. So we are very pleased with the service.

★★★★★ “ Recently married ”

Written on 9th July 2013

My wife and I decided that we should combine our names as when we adopted our children they took on both our names. After looking at different sites we opted for Deed Poll Office. The application for both of us took no more than five minutes to complete. I received an email to say that the Deed Polls would be dispatched in 4 days time. However, they arrived the day before this! Really pleased with the service and the price and would not hesitate to recommend the Deed Poll Office to friends and family.

★★★★★ “ Wonderful service!!! ”

Written on 9th July 2013

I had 4 variations of my name that I had to try and compress into something manageable and acceptable for all. I made a quick call and discussed it. It was a very helpful telephone call that truly guided me through the process of what to expect and how long the process would take. The payment process was straightforward. Going through PayPal meant I trusted the site.
True to his word the whole process took just over a week and I got the results I desired!!! I honestly don't think there is something I did not like. If there are more stars I would have given more and I thoroughly recommend it to all.

★★★★☆ “ Change of surname for my daughter ”

Written on 9th July 2013

Wanted to change the surname of my daughter so she had the same surname as myself and her siblings after my partner decided to leave. Got good clear advice on what I could and couldn't do and now have the paperwork so I can get a passport in her new surname.
It now feels like we are a family again, just as it should've always been

★★★★★ “ Great service ”

Written on 8th July 2013

I used the service and found them to be fast and efficient with lots of helpful information to help me update my details in all the relevant places. The fact they provide a cover letter is also very useful.

★★★★★ “ Excellent, fast, service ”

Written on 8th July 2013

I made a mistake on my original online application but I chatted to a guy named Andre who was superb and very helpful.
I thought the process would be time consuming, but no!
It was all done very quickly and I received my cdocuments the next day (having paid extra postage).

★★★★★ “ Easy simple service ”

Written on 6th July 2013

Very good quick efficient service at a reasonable price

★★★★★ “ Fab, fab, fab! ”

Written on 5th July 2013

Fantastic prompt and reliable service, i was impressed by how easy it was and how professional and helpful the whole experience is. Thank you for making what i anticipated to be a long drawn out process such a simple and hassle free experience. Fantastic value for money to.

★★★★★ “ Fantastic fast way to change your name ”

Written on 4th July 2013

I was so impressed with both the service and cost of The Deed Poll Office. They were the most competitive by far.
I filled out the details online which were very clear and straight forward and had my documents within 48 hours.
Passport was changed in less than 2 weeks using check and send at the postoffice.
All in all I highly recommend using this site.

★★★★★ “ Quick, easy and cheap! would do it again : ) ”

Written on 3rd July 2013

★★★★★ “ Cheapest by far ”

Written on 29th June 2013

This is the cheapest website to change your name. A fast and efficient service, and they also send a list of things you need to change. It is that good that today I am recommending a friend of mine. The documents arrived within days, and the website was really simple to use.

★★★★★ “ Very fast efficient service, i applied on the … ”

Written on 29th June 2013

Very fast efficient service, I applied on the Wednesday and received the paperwork on Saturday. Would certainly recommend

★★★★★ “ Quick reliable service ”

Written on 28th June 2013

Exactly what they said, everything arrived within a few days with clear instructions what to do next. Very pleased. Thank you.

★★★★★ “ Changing your name ”

Written on 26th June 2013

i was very pleased with the service that i received and it was all explain to me. the paper work was all clear and good well worth the money i would reccond you to any of my friends once again thank you

★★★★★ “ Great service ”

Written on 24th June 2013

Like most people I was skeptical about choosing to do a deed poll through a company instead of other ways. I am however glad that I chose this company as the service was outstanding. They were fast and professional and the deed poll documents haven't been rejected by any company I have encountered where I need to change my details.

★★★★★ “ Brilliant use this site it's quick and efficient ”

Written on 23rd June 2013

Very quick,very efficient everything sorted in a matter of minutes would recommend anyone to come to you
Nothing negative at all thank you

★★★★★ “ Best service ever  ”

Written on 20th June 2013

Really really impressed with the service i received the Deed Poll Office went above and beyond for my Name Change and i am very grateful

★★★★★ “ Very happy customer!! ”

Written on 20th June 2013

The service was fantastic. The form was very straight forward. It was great value for the money and I found the cover letter I was provided very usefull. I would definatly recommend this company to anyone who needed their services. The deed polls were on my doorstep 2 days later a lot quicker than I expected and the information sheets were very informative.

★★★★★ “ Trustworthy n faaaaast :) ”

Written on 16th June 2013

thnxxxx deed poll :) ur sincerity is recommendable :)thnx for ur fast and faithful legal procedure.. :) v happy at ur honest work :) hope u get plenty of ppl like me as i myself will inspire to take up ur easy n fast legal proceeding to my known n unknown ppl...
thnxxxx DEED POLL :)

★★★★☆ “ Very nice and easy method  ”

Written on 15th June 2013

The instruction was easy to follow and the service was very quick. I don't really think their is anything I don't like about the the Deep poll form because I got all what I wanted and it serves the purpose I wanted it for.

★★★★★ “ Reliable, quick service with an amazingly low fee ”

Written on 14th June 2013

★★★★★ “ Excellent service received ”

Written on 11th June 2013

The service was extremely good, quick, easy and cheap! I would recommend to all my family and friends.

★★★★★ “ Changing names through the deed poll office ”

Written on 6th June 2013

We changed our children's names as they were too long. We did it through the Deed Poll Office and we were amazed at how quick and efficient the service was. We set it up online on a Sunday and by the following Thursday we had been sent all the certificates by post as well as instructions how to get them signed etc and and email with a formatted letter to send to institutions if necessary explaining about the name change. It was brilliantly organised, very good value and we would recommend this service to anyone.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service, highly recommended! ”

Written on 5th June 2013

After looking at numerous different deed poll services I decided to go with Deed Poll Office based on their lower prices. I was thrilled with the service throughout and delivery was very quick. I later needed a few extra legal copies of my deed poll and used the online 'chat' service available to enquire how to order more, the member of staff who spoke with me was brilliant. Within a few minutes I had my extra copies ordered, paid for, and they arrived within 48 hours.

I will be using Deed Poll Service again without hesitation, and would highly recommend to my family and friends.

★★★★★ “ Deed poll ”

Written on 5th June 2013

Very pleased with every part of this experience, it did exactly what i wanted an what they said they would

★★★★★ “ Deed poll service ”

Written on 4th June 2013

great efficient service, clear and easy to undestand, couldn't really be any easier.

★★★★★ “ Child name change ”

Written on 3rd June 2013

★★★★★ “ Amazing ”

Written on 28th May 2013

I do admit that before I seeked your services, was a bit suspicious and cautious. I had to rely solely on your information.
I, thanks to your high quality services, recommend you to any customer who may be thinking about it.
Your fees were competitive. The accuracy of information and timetable was 2nd to none !!
The printed certificates were accepted without any delay at all the official places we have been to.
Thank you very much.

★★★★★ “ So simple thank you ”

Written on 24th May 2013

I have been so nervous to change my name, I'm not computer litterate but your site was re simple I had completed the deedpoll before I could panick. Thank you so very much, I have my identity back & I feel part of my family again for the first time in nearly 18 years!!

★★★★★ “ Without doubt the best ”

Written on 24th May 2013

I had my surname changed a few years back and i lost my certificate, so i emailed deed poll and within 10 minutes i had a reply, within the hour i was able to re-apply for a new surname change legal certificate and granted me the ability to update my drivers license the next week, without doubt its the best way to change your name with fast and easy instructions

★★★★★ “ Five star service with a smile ”

Written on 13th May 2013

This site was helpful, professional, speedy and accurate. The process was made clear, questions were followed up quickly, further copies of the deed poll certificate were made available with a minimum of fuss and good advice was given regarding who needs to have copies of the deed poll. The accompanying letter to go with the certificate was also helpful and could be reprinted as required.
Most of the work could be completed on line, except for additional copies of the certificate and accompanying letter so access to a photo copier and printer are essential.
It would have been helpful to have had more information to begin with as to which agencies require the original certificate (e.g government. financial) so that the right number can be pre-ordered, and which will accept a copy that can be photo copied. Some agencies do not need either and will respond to a simple request.Other than that I have no negative comments.

THe cost was much cheaper than I had expected. Altogether an excellent service.

★★★★★ “ Change of name - deed poll ”

Written on 13th May 2013

An absolutely fabulous service, quick, inexpensive and great communication from Andre!!! Could not recommend their services any more highly! If you need to change your name and want it to be hassle free, use these guys! Excellent.

★★★★☆ “ Name change ”

Written on 8th May 2013

The website has been really good and the documents came quickly through the post, also it wasn't expensive to pay for the documents. I got 5 copies and am able to sort everything out! I liked that it was quick and easy and I didn't really not like anything. I would recommend this to a member of family or a friend if they wanted to change their first or second name as its a good easy form to fill out and you receive it a couple of days later in the post and its a cheap way to do things.

★★★★★ “ Name change documentation ”

Written on 1st May 2013

I entered my request and within 48 hours of submitting payment I received all the paperwork and instructions on how to complete with every official and personal Company.

★★★★★ “ I thought this service was very efficient, and … ”

Written on 1st May 2013

I thought this service was very efficient, and helpful. They will even ring you back if they are busy would definately recommend this to anyone that needs the service and definately would use again if need be and of course it was very good value for the money. At this stage I cannot say anything negative about them at all.

★★★★★ “ Straightforward & efficient ”

Written on 22nd April 2013

Applied for forms to add a Christian name by deed poll and instructions on line are simple with necessary documentation received within only a few days. I should have done this sooner had I realised how straightforward the process is.

★★★★★ “ Excellent service and value of money  ”

Written on 21st April 2013

excellent service and value of money ,very competent

★★★★★ “ Good reliable service ”

Written on 16th April 2013

The service was so easy to use and has a quick and reliable service. Form was simple to fill out, and their response and up to date with emails was very prompt. I would be happy to recommend this service to any of my friends.

★★★★★ “ Super quick response  ”

Written on 5th April 2013

All was in order in just three days....,the response on E mails was quick and very secure.

★★★★☆ “ Effortless, quick and easy to follow ”

Written on 3rd April 2013

I was very sceptical about changing my daughters name as I thought it was going to be such performance. I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity and ease of the procedure and indeed the fact you can download a pre written letter to send with your deed poll to all the recipients! marvellous

★★★★★ “ Deed poll service ”

Written on 30th March 2013

I decided to change my name to my ethnic name from my english name . the deed poll service was easy to use , very reasonably priced and quick and professional. I was given excellent professional advice and quick efficient support to my queries that helped me and allowed me to have the complete ethnic grammer used in the official documents . I would highly recommend this service to all who want to change there name .

★★★★★ “ Brilliant service ”

Written on 28th March 2013

Couldn't believe how easy this was to do, and so reasonable, great site thankyou

★★★★★ “ Excellent service, i would recommend deed poll office  ”

Written on 22nd March 2013

I found this site to be fantastic value compared to either a solicitor or other sites, the fact there is a discount for multiple name changes within the family is fantastic and saved a lot of money.

So far the certificates have been recognised by DVLA, tax, workplace, GP/dentist etc, have not had any problems at all.

The service was also very easy and the documents came out via the post very quickly.

I would certainly recommend this site to my family & friends, or to anyone wanting to change their name by deep poll.
Thank you for a smooth and easy transaction.

★★★★★ “ Deed poll - no problems ”

Written on 15th March 2013

After I recently got married both my grown up children chose to change their surname by deed poll, I was quoted £79 + vat each @ a local solicitor...
This service cost me £32.00 this was for both of my children plus an extra deep pool each.

It was very straight forward and the price was amazing.

So far everything they have changed as gone through without any problems, including tax office, driving licence, doctors, bank etc,
I was a little dubious at first as the price difference between this service and a solicitor is just too different to believe !!

I would definitely recommend this service to any friends or family, it was just so simple, good value, stress free and all from the comfort of my own home.

What an excellent service from Deed Poll Office :)

★★★★★ “ Just the job! ”

Written on 6th March 2013

I had been wanting to update my 3 sons sir-name for a few years now, after 12 years fo being 'known as' as by my sir-name, that I changed 12 years ago they all wanted to become official!
I looked on the internet for the best choice and 'the deed poll office' popped up, I filled in all the relevent details and they said it would take 3-5days to arrive. Only 2 days later they arrived, nicely packed, all instructions clear, my boys took them to our neighbour, who has watched them grow from little lads to men, willingly signed to complete the process, my eldest was pleased as punch when the other day his drivers leicence came back in his real name, not his birth name!!

If you want to use this service, I would highly recommend The Deed Poll Office.

★★★★★ “ Knowledgable staff and extremely helpful ”

Written on 6th March 2013

I explained to the gentleman about the requirements my son wanted to change his surname. He gave me 2 options and was very helpful when i expained that my son has no contact with his father and he would be 16 in May (my son that is). His advice was very much appreciated. I have received all the documents and my son is going to change his name after our family holiday in August. There isnt anything i didnt like about the service i received, it was top class service all the way and was nice to speak to someone who gave good genuine advice. Thank you.
Having the letter informing who to inform regarding change of name is very useful as there are people i would never have even thought of.

★★★★★ “ Back to the real me! ”

Written on 5th March 2013

When I decided recently that I wanted to revert to my maiden name I wasn't sure how to go about it. A simple search on google to me to the deed poll office web site. The site was easy to find, simple to understand and straightforward to use.
Less than a month after first considering it I am back to me! My own name, no complications and hassle free.

★★★★★ “ Amazing service ”

Written on 28th February 2013

Used google to come across this website and their website compared to other businesses was appealing so I decided to go ahead with Deed Poll Office. Very easy to order from them and the delivery was really quick. Deed Poll's arrived with plenty of additional information (such as letter templates, who to tell and more).

A month later, I ran into a problem with the IPS. Long story short, I needed new deed poll's and the Deed Poll Office were very very supportive and gave me advice via email and sent me the new deed poll's free of charge along with plenty of support.

Excellent customer service and a fantastic service was provided.
Thank you.

★★★★★ “ Perfect for name change! ”

Written on 16th February 2013

I came to this site for my Sons Surname to be changed it, it was very easy and safe. I was also very happy as it came a day early. Im from Scotland.I would recommend this site to anyone. Its made me so happy. Thank you Deed Poll Office.

★★★★★ “ Fantastic service and so easy ”

Written on 16th February 2013

the service was so easy to use even i managed to do it on line. great value and a fantastic service documents arrived quickly and trouble free.

★★★★★ “ I can't believe how quick and easy it was to … ”

Written on 8th February 2013

I can't believe how quick and easy it was to change my name and the cost were really good as well, I applied for on a Friday afternoon and received the paperwork the following Saturday morning, couldn't believe the speedy response. All in all was extremely happy. :)

★★★★★ “ My new name ”

Written on 5th January 2013

i chose this web-site to change my name by deed because i found it very easy to use, their prices are excellent and my certificate came within a few days. i needed a replacement as i had sent my original to a company by mistake and they never returned it.I highly recommend them. If you have a copier then you don't really need extra copies with your order because you can print off copies from your original,(saves money).

★★★★★ “ Very helpful and documents sent out very quickly ”

Written on 5th January 2013

I used the deed poll service to change my surname. It was extremely easy to fill out the online form, and it checks several times on your name change incase you've entered it wrong!
I thought it would be a difficult long winded experience and it would take a long time to receive my certificates but I was wrong!

Received the documents within a few days in a strong envelope so they weren't bent or damaged.

★★★★★ “ What a knowledgeable user-friendly office! ”

Written on 10th December 2012

I was required by way of a court order to change a name within a short timescale. I had never done this before and time was of the essence. The website was so easy to use - the application was completed within a couple of minutes. Due to the unusual nature of the situation, I had cause to contact the office by e-mail and the response was immediate, together with a wealth of additional information which proved invaluable. The staff were so helpful, and above all, knowledgeable. Well done to all at the Deed Poll Office!

★★★★★ “ Fast, easy service. ”

Written on 10th December 2012

This was the cheapest service I found. Thier deed poll documents are recognised by the DVLA, Passport office and banks - which is something which isn't always clear with these services.

The documents were with me within one week of applying and paying for them online, which was very helpful to me.

I would (and already have) recommend this service to anyone.

I would say that the website could be a little more clearer about whether their documents are accepted by the above named offices, as this was a bit of chance taken on my part.