Changing your name by deed poll

In the U.K. you can change your name (or your child’s name) at any time.

Changing your name is a legal matter, which means there isn’t an “official” place where you go to register a change of name.  In law, you can simply adopt a new name and start using it.

But you’ll need a deed poll (or some other kind of formal document) to update your passport, driving licence, bank accounts, and other official records to be in your new name.

Anyone can use a deed poll to change their name, but you might be able to use another document that you already have — e.g. your marriage certificate.

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☞ Apply for a deed poll

It costs £ 18 to apply for a deed poll online.

You can also ask for an application form to be posted to you.

What to do with your deed poll

You can use your deed poll to apply for a new passport and driving licence, and to update all your other documents and records.

It’s your responsibility to tell all organisations about your change of name.  We can’t do this for you, but we’ll send you a list of organisations you should contact.

Most organisations — including HM Passport Office and the DVLA — will want to see your original deed poll as proof of your name.

☞ Who to tell about your change of name

Changing your child’s name?

Changing your child’s name is essentially the same process, except that you must have consent from everyone with parental responsibility.

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