Deed Poll Office wants to make sure that the widest possible range of people finds this site easy to use, or accessible.  We work hard to find ways of improving the accessibility of our site, and we would welcome feedback about any problems or suggestions you may have.

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We have implemented the government's access keys recommendations as follows:

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Changing the size of the text on this website

To change the text size use the text size options at the top right of each page.

  • For smaller text, select the small, left-hand letter A
  • For bigger text, select the large, right-hand letter A
  • To return the text size to the default setting, select the middle letter A

You may also be able to adjust the text size using the settings in your browser.  This setting is usually called text size, text zoom, or zoom, depending on which browser you use.

PDF documents

There are links on this site to PDF documents, some of which are located on external websites.  To view PDF documents you will need to install a PDF reader.  There are several different PDF readers that you can download and install free of charge — for example Adobe Reader ↗.

Adobe Reader lets you extract the text of a PDF document and save it as a text file.  This is useful if you want to read the document on a note-taker or emboss the file with a Braille printer.

You may like to look at Adobe's guide to accessing PDF documents with assistive technology ↗ (note that this is itself a PDF document).

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