Deed Poll Office has moved address

David Kelly, 28th January 2014 Deed Poll Office has moved!  (In the online world, at least.)

Our new address is  All the old pages on will redirect automatically to the new address, but please use the new address when linking to us.

Similarly, our e‑mail addresses have also migrated to the new domain, but all the old addresses will still work.

We’ve moved because:

  • is easier to type and easier to remember.
  • The new domain is shorter and looks better.
  • The .com extension makes it clearer that we’re a commercial organisation.

In addition, we’re also now using the secure (HTTPS) protocol for all pages on our site.  Previously, only the application and contact forms used a secure connection.

This is obviously better for the privacy and security of all our users, whether they use our application form or not—particularly as so many web users now use mobile devices or public (unsecured) wi-fi connections.


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